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A rich history to be proud of

Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | was established in 1937. During the last 80 years, our company has grown to become the market leader in the Netherlands and counts itself one of the top five European players. Gielissen develops and implements effective solutions for national and international customers.

Our rich history is one we are proud of. Of course, the facts alone don't tell Gielissen's whole story. So what can you expect from us?

Our field of work is very diverse: retail solutions, trade show exhibits, expos, convention management, grand or small scale events - the list is long. We work for you, our customer, therefore a high return on investment for you is our ultimate goal.

With eleven operations across the world, we are not only expanding our working field, but also our expertise.

Wherever we are located, our company adheres to its mission to make a difference when creating an inspiring environment. And making a difference does not just stop in the environment created, but also in the implementation of it. We take care of every detail of a project, leaving you, our customers to focus on your core business.

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