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This is how the new Twitter office in Berlin looks like!

A tour: this gives you a picture of Twitter’s new office in Berlin

Berlin. Twitter will be bringing stars from Berlin straight to its users - and its users will be able to bring music to Twitter. The company is opening its new office on Friday: Three times as much space, a few technical gadgets – and a Blue Room for making videos and broadcasting live streams of stars and where the users will also have a great deal of involvement. And the company has then topped it all off with a real piece Berlin Twitter wall.

Our editor has given a description of what it now looks like in the blue bird’s Berlin nest:

The technical gadgets: The rooms have a football table that can twitter and a type of jukebox that can receive tweets. Whoever sends a message to @tweetthebeat together with “artist - title” will be able to have a request played, but not at home - at the Twitter office. The music will be coming from a mini jukebox which has a DJ deck hidden inside. Twitter is working with SoundCloud. So, if you want to annoy the Twitter team…

When a company footballer (toy figures with a bird logo) has finished a game, @kickerberlin will tweet the result and the username. Creating a link between objects and Twitter is not new but it will certainly impress some visitors. It almost goes without saying that there will be monitors to display current Tweets.

The #BlueRoom: Twitter will soon have a studio with high-quality technology for live streams and videos either with guest stars or made by them. This is where, for example, musicians will introduce their albums live over Periscope. Twitter has chosen to use this as a way to gain popularity in the difficult German market. After Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam and Rome it will be the fifth Twitter #BlueRoom to be set up in the world. David Guetta was the first guest to take part in a question and answer session with fans in Paris. The BlueRoom in Berlin is not ready yet but there is a video showing how the studio was put together in Sydney. On Friday, German time, Kurt Russel and Samuel L. Jackson were guests there. Twitter is also hoping to host top class guests like this in Germany.


The location: Twitter is located in a former brewery in Mitte, a district in Berlin. In June 2014 this became the "Factory" which is a 16,000 square meter campus hosting startups. Twitter had 15 coworkers renting space with them right from the outset. Fast Company, the technology magazine, had stated at the time that one reason for this was the cool factor. Now Twitter has expanded enormously. Those who hire the spaces include prominent names such as SoundCloud, Uber or 6Wunderkinder as well as companies that are still up-and-coming. Google has contributed one million to sponsor startups. The building is located on the former border - and Twitter wants to launch a campaign aimed at the outside world. The service is ultimately supposed to help to overcome barriers which have been created in countries where there is no freedom of the press, and to tear these down to some extent. On Friday there was a video about Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming platform, which also included some insights.


The rooms: On the one hand there is wood and there are warm colors, and on the other hand there are concrete ceilings and floors, exposed brickwork and it feels cold and as if you are in the shell of a building. There are hashtags on the walls and the largest is: #Lovewhereyouwork. Rowan Barnett, one of the bosses at the German location, explains that it is supposed to mean that all the coworkers love Twitter. However, there is also an underlying sad story: Lucy Mosley, head of marketing for Twitter UK, was influenced by this slogan and lived by it but she died of cancer at the age of 29. There is a room for meetings and there are also small areas - the work spaces and the desks for most of the team are all in one shared space.


Twitter’s history in Germany: There has been an office in Berlin since 2012. The company then moved into the rooms in the Factory during the summer of 2014, but these have now become too small. Rowan Barnett says, "Twitter has really grown in Germany during the past year – and our team has grown likewise.” This was not an obvious outcome: In October 2015 Twitter axed almost 400 jobs because it was accumulating more and more losses. But even the office in HafenCity Hamburg which Twitter moved into in 2014 and where it predominantly runs its marketing, has now become too small. This led to a move to Ottensen in 2015. At the moment twelve people are working for Twitter in Berlin and Twitter employs 30 people throughout Germany.



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