Our tradeshow network

Industry-related partners:

Expo Jaarprijs – The “Nationale ExpoJaarprijs” annual award rewards the most successful examples of live communication. Clients wanting to draw attention to the success of their trade fair, event or congress can take part in the “Nationale ExpoJaarprijs”. Gielissen has a seat on the Advisory Board.

UFI – The international industry confederation for the exhibitions industry. UFI's goal is to represent, promote and support its members and the exhibitions industry worldwide.

The CLC – Center for Live Communication is the industry organization for everyone involved professionally in organizing, accommodating and facilitating trade fairs, congresses and events and came about through a merger of the Esah, FbtN and VNC.

Education-related partnerships:

Gielissen is heavily involved in education relevant to our industry and has links with, among others, the following educational institutions:

Mediacollege Amsterdam, MA for short, is a real trade school for creatives seeking a challenging job in the media in the future. Among other things, the school is based in a former Gielissen building. Gielissen is an advisor for the course in Stand Design.

The Reinwardt Academie is the first and only HBO (higher vocational education) college in the field of cultural heritage in the Netherlands and forms part of Amsterdam’s “Hogeschool voor de Kunsten”. The academy trains students in a large number of occupations in the heritage sector. Gielissen has assisted in the development of the minor course in Exhibition Direction and gives guest lectures.

Nimeto Utrecht is an independent trade college at MBO (intermediate vocational education) level for careers in the painting & decorating, interiors, advertising & presentation sectors. Gielissen regularly provides work experience places for students of this course.

SintLucas in Boxtel is an independent MBO college for careers in the communication & advertising design, spatial & interior design and restoration & decoration sectors. Gielissen regularly provides work experience places for students of this course.

Hallo© is a one-year post-doctorate course for applied creativity. Gielissen is a sponsor of Hallo Academie.


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