Heineken - Apple Bandit

Follow That Fox

"Create a multi-purpose cider bar for events, the goal being to introduce as many people as possible to cider.” Gielissen was up for the challenge.

Based on Heineken’s Apple Bandit cider offering, which at the time was running the Follow That Fox campaign, Gielissen created a design using the contradictory image of the fox: bold, tough and cunning, but at the same time sweet and cuddly. By finding the right balance between these characteristics, Gielissen managed to create a winning creative concept. The customer’s requirements and wishes were then translated into a contrete and feasible design with a unique twist.

Welcome to my Den!

Festival visitors were invited to taste cider in the fox’s “Stealy Den.” The bar fit the concept perfectly, with a design echoing nature and the juxtaposition between bold and sweet. The message: “Try something new, because in life you must grab onto everything.”