From concept to execution

The entire trajectory under one roof

From concept to execution

From concept to execution

You may know that Gielissen is in the business of building trade show stands. However, we also specialize in the development of entire booth concepts. What does this entail? Read on for details.

We first sit around the table

Whether or not you have an idea for your booth, a meeting is the first step. Together, we'll brainstorm a unique design and devise a project plan.  Of course, if you already have a fully thought-out idea in mind, you are welcome to sit down at a table with our designers immediately.

Two studios

At our two studios, we have 15 spatial designers, visualizers and multimedia designers ready to take your idea to the next level. Their daily work consists of translating complicated briefings from our clients into eye-catching concepts. Here, the latest design software is used. The result: a photorealistic picture of your final trade fair presentation. If desired, our designers can create an animated video of your design that offers a virtual walk through your exhibit.  The video provides a unique opportunity to experience your stand through the eyes of your visitors.  After all, when you exhibit at a trade show, your stand must look amazing.

Striking, functional and communicative

The Concept & Design department creates fully unique booth designs. Striking, functional, communicative and always based upon the principle that your investment must yield as much return as possible.


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