Strategy & Marketing

In other words: how we increase your return on investment

Strategy & Marketing

Communication is an essential tool

We believe in the power of communication. A strong campaign can have a direct impact on an increase in return on investment, which is likely our clients’ number one goal. Therefore, we  build a strategy focusing on communicating our clients’ brand to the right target group for the product.  A spectacular trade show booth is nothing if it is not coupled with a high return on investment.  So how do we ensure your investment pays off?

Payback Ratio and ROI

Based on the broad practical experience we have gained through the years, we have developed our own unique, practical working models and methodologies. Using the 'Payback Ratio' and the 'ROI' method (Return On Investment) we determine, together with the client, all objectives before we start the design process.  Using this information, we can calculate the importance of each goal and determine the basic ROI given all variables.

Calculating return on investment

In today’s business world, profit is key, and companies are even more concerned with knowing their investment will produce value.  That is why our system for calculating ROI is so essential.

It works

With our Strategy and Marketing service, we provide measurable support to each stand development process. As evidenced by many successful exhibition projects, we can proudly say that our method works.


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