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First of all, hospitality begins with the business owner, whose passion and customer focus are keys to a successful enterprise.  Therefore, location, price point, selection, service and atmosphere are of utmost importance.  Combined, these features create an environment in which the customer feels comfortable and will want to return.

Our passion

Gielissen's passion is designing and creating an environment which draws the customer in and ensures a pleasant interior experience.  We work closely with our clients to create a budget-minded design which combines planning, layout, color schemes, materials, construction – whatever your interior space needs, Gielissen can help you achieve your goals.  An inviting interior space can increase customer traffic, have a positive effect on a customer’s experience, impact repeat business, grow loyalty – all critical to a successful hospitality operation. 

Strong Message

The right interior sets your hospitality business apart from the competition and communicates your vision and passion to your guests.


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