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From city archives to the Palace of Justice, from a lecture hall to a toddlers' playground, from prestigious boardrooms to playful lunch and coffee venues for staff; Gielissen designs and builds extremely diverse interiors for the utility market, where we can claim decades of experience.  As a result of our history in this particular specialization, we have everything in-house to realize your interior design needs down to the tiniest detail.


Building interiors takes teamwork, and this is definitely true in the utility sector. The architect, building management consultants, the builder, the installer, the end-user: their collaboration is critical to the success of the project.  As a customer, you want to be certain of each participant’s role and what you can expect.  You can rest assured that with Gielissen’s extensive project management experience, we ensure excellence from every party involved and at every stage of the project. 

Clever engineering, typical Gielissen

Our strength is translating ideas and visions into realized solutions and as a result, we are a critical point of contact for architects. We always work with rigorous and transparent project management practices and our engineering plays a crucial role in this kind of project.


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