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For private customers

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Building interiors in private homes is a delicate operation. Because our team is operating in your home, we take ultimate care in treating your space with respect. Our approach in the private sector is communicative, thorough, thoughtful and respectful.


Whenever possible, we ensure that the same individuals are involved throughout the length of the project.  This extends to any post-project work as well.  We want the customer to feel at ease and comfortable, as trust is critical in the private sector.


Because Gielissen Botim is involved solely in exclusive projects, we are accustomed to providing an extremely high level of service at every point of the project. Even before installation on location, customers are welcome at the production site to observe progress. Our successful formula involves transparency and a willingness to communicate, explain, share, and basically involve our customers in the entire process.

An approach that works

We often have repeat customers who ask for the same people time after time.  We’d say our approach works.


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