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Creating a captivating experience

It may not come as a surprise, but we love the art of designing and building entertainment attractions – whether the project is a theme park, mobile attraction, or world exposition, we have the necessary tools and creative expertise in-house to construct an attraction that captivates.  Below is a selection of our work:

ING Football Bus

The ING football bus is a mobile attraction that was introduced during the run up to the World Cup in South Africa.  ING – with orange as their corporate colour – has been the main sponsor of the Dutch National football team since the beginning of 2010.  To create the ultimate mobile advertisement, a 1981 London double-decker bus was completely renovated inside and out in just three weeks!  Read the whole story here.

Ferrari Theme Park

The name Ferrari is synonymous with speed and beautiful design.  The Ferrari theme park was recently completed in Abu Dhabi, where we built two of the main attractions: ‘Made in Maranello’ and ‘The Racing Legends’. Read more about the project here.

World Expo 2010

After playing a key role realizing Dutch pavilions in cities such as Seville, Lisbon, Hanover and Zaragoza, we were again asked to build a pavilion in 2010 at the World Expo in Shanghai.  We worked closely with architect John Körmeling, who designed an ascending “roller coaster” of buildings in various architectural styles to form the exhibition rooms.  Read about the details of the project here.

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