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Realizing a successful museum exhibition requires creativity and an eye for detail.  We are up to the challenge!  In recent years we have worked with several museums to create unique and memorable exhibits.  We’ve included a selection below:

The Brussels Film Museum

The Brussels Film Museum came to us with a problem – their storage system and technical equipment no longer met modern standards for protecting and displaying their renowned film archive.  For that reason, the museum’s interior was completely renovated. Read more about Gielissen's role here.


The Gevangenpoort is a museum of criminal history that has been a fixture in the Netherlands for 125 years. Visitors to the museum can view how prisoners were tried, punished and locked up from the Middle Ages to present day.  When the museum needed to be restored and redesigned, we were asked to help. Read the entire case study here.

Van Gogh Village

The Van Gogh Village is a very unique concept – it is a visitors center housed in the old town hall in the city of Nuenen.  Visitors are presented with a glimpse into the life of Vincent van Gogh during the period in which he called this small village in Brabant his home.  Read more about the project here.


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