Temporary exhibitions

Temporary, but important

Temporary exhibitions

Timeless concepts for temporary exhibitions

Making a statement with a temporary exhibition is a unique challenge.  We put an immense amount of effort into creating a thrilling short-term experience.  Our commitment to designing a timeless concept can be seen in the examples below:

Soldier of Orange, the musical

The story of one of the greatest resistance heroes in Dutch WW2 history is well-known in the Netherlands.  Following a successful book and film, a musical masterpiece made its national debut.  The historic location for the premier was a statement in itself: a huge hangar at the former Valkenburg military airfield in Katwijk. It was an unparalleled theatre spectacle.  Not only was the event special because of its moving story of bravery, but also because of the unique theatre concept.  Read more about the event here.

Holland Heineken House

Holland Heineken House has been a phenomenon in the world of sports for years. An initiative of Heineken and the NOC*NSF, it has been the home base for Dutch athletes, family members and supporters at all Olympic Games since its inception in Barcelona in 1992.  Again, the Holland Heineken House made an impact at the Winter games in Vancouver, Canada in 2010.  Read all about it here.


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