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Growingtogether & Make-A-Wish

In line with our #growingtogether and our 80th anniversary, we made a wish come to reality for Make-A-Wish Nederland last week. A very special wish for a special little boy; a beautiful sensory room with a lot of lights.

His wish was to have a lot of multi sensory equipment but most of all: a lot of little lamps and lights. And so we created a wonderful room with clouds everywhere, even clouds suspended from the ceiling with little lights in them. Clouds on the wall, on the window and on the door. More lights in all shapes and forms. A big bubble tube – with light. String lights connected to a special sensory play board and of course bespoke furniture. It was a labour of love, pride and our great pleasure to make sure this little boy was beaming with happiness.

In addition, this was for us also a great example of #growingtogether as we couldn’t have done it without the help and assistance of our partners: Rudolf Ostermann GmbH, Plano Plastics, Patrick Hemler van ZO! BV, Theaterhotel Almelo, Maiburg, Brakels Stofferingen and Bristol Paints.

We are looking forward to making the next wish come true this year!





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