About Gielissen Shipyard

We have been building houseboats for over 20 years. We have been doing this in our shipyard in Helmond. With dedication and craftsmanship, we aim for the best quality possible.

Founders in building

The Gielissen Shipyard founders are interior and yacht builders. This is immediately obvious in the quality of our houseboats. Gielissen Shipyard is part of Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | Events. Gielissen sits among the top 5 market players in Europe. This meets your hopes for guarantee and continuity.


Founders in building

Founders in building Modern Shipyard

The Gielissen Shipyard has every conceivable modern facility. There is a crane present for lifting houseboats in and out of the water and a dry dock in which the MarinHome houseboats are built and tested. In the shipyard we only work with sustainable materials. In addition to lower maintenance costs, this also contributes to a higher residual value for you in the future.


Founders in building Modern Shipyard

Visit Gielissen Shipyard

Climbing aboard a houseboat will give you the best impression. Enjoy it all during a tour of our shipyard. Experience our team’s high level of craft. We are curious about your wishes and ideas. We look forward to discussing all the possibilities in our captain’s hut.


Visit Gielissen Shipyard

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really sail my houseboat?

Yes, all MarinHome boats are CE approved. So you are assured of a boat that meets the European requirements for the Recreational Craft Directive. Sailing is a fantastic experience. To set sail, the boat does need a motor. We have a range of sailing packages available, from 20 to 60 hp.


Do I need a sailing license?

In the Netherlands you do not need a sailing license. Of course, it is advisable that you have sailing experience and know the rules that apply to use of the waterways.


From what materials are houseboats made?

For your optimum pleasure we have employed maintenance-free materials wherever possible. The pontoon and the window and door frames are constructed from aluminum. The exterior walls are covered with polyester or powder-coated shutters. The boats have a sun deck and a maintenance friendly polyester roof.


How long is the warranty on a houseboat?

Gielissen Shipyard offers a 2-year warranty.


What is the lifespan of a MarinHome boat?

When the boat is treated and maintained with normal care, you can count on a technical lifespan of 25 to 30 years. And a well-maintained boat lasts a lot longer.


Can I visit the shipyard?

Certainly, for sure. Wonderful that you would like to drop in. Before you visit, please plan an appointment through mailing MARINHOME@GIELISSEN.NL or call +316-22 79 27 77 or +31(0)492 531 531.


What is the average lead time for a houseboat?

We count on being able to supply a houseboat on average 4 to 6 months from receiving an order. Depending on the finish.


Can the houseboat be delivered to a location?

Of course. We can deliver the houseboat to almost every desired location.


Interested in a visit?

I look forward to hosting you. Please fill out your information to schedule an appointment.


Carla Stukstette