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Gielissen | Interiors | Exhibitions | Events has been in the trade show, interiors and exposition business since 1937. Our rich history is one we are proud of. Of course, the facts alone don't tell Gielissen's whole story. So what can you expect from us?

Our field of work is very diverse: retail solutions, trade show exhibits, expos, convention management, grand or small scale events - the list is long. We work for you, our customer, therefore a high return on investment for you is our ultimate goal.

Working for Gielissen

Working together to create a better environment

A company is only as good as its employees. Gielissen is dependent on the competence, dedication and commitment of our employees. Our employees are satisfied, and we intend to keep them that way.

Gielissen turns customers’ visual ideas into reality based on a design supplied by third parties. We take these visual ideas as the starting point for creating a product that is both workable and capable of being produced, and based in almost all cases on the materials proposed in the design.

In addition to the CSR actions, we also advise on the choice of materials (at the construction stage) with the aim of using raw materials that have the lowest possible environmental footprint to deliver competitively priced goods and services that meet the needs of the client and add quality to the working and living environment.

Obviously, you as our client can decide which materials will ultimately be used. We like to install our products at the latest possible stage in the construction process in order to avoid unnecessary use of protective and covering material. In your capacity as our client, you can make the necessary arrangements for this.

Thanks again for a perfect stand at the S & S!

... It could not have been better !!! We have had a lot of positive reactions!


Marnix Meesters, Hypertherm
Marnix Meesters Hypertherm

The shimmering stand was arranged down to the last detail and thanks to Cees we were ready for the start every morning. We have received many compliments (unfortunately no prize this time!) From our own stand crew, but also visitors and 'colleagues' from the other stands at the Holland pavilion. I would like to pass it on to you.

Gesine Bouter, Royal IHC
Gesine Bouter Royal IHC

“Process and behavior go hand in hand. Connecting people will deliver the best results”.

People’s business, this is Andre’s strength.
With a 20+ years of expertise in international business he brings focus: market driven, skills development, lean & sustainable entrepreneurship.