Sustainability Gielissen

Sustainability Gielissen

Together towards a sustainable future

Sustainability is close to our heart. We attach great value to making our own activities and projects more sustainable.

We do this according to our vision on sustainability:

"We realize meeting places employing sustainable solutions and smart engineering that puts human welfare first."

Healthy operational management, sustainable results

It is about more than just CO2 emissions. It's also about our children's future and the well-being of our employees. And of course about the health of your own business. The challenge lies in striking the right balance, where to focus and where to give priority.

Healthy operational management, sustainable results

Measurable, sustainable and objective

At Gielissen we believe that our sustainable projects have to be measurable. We therefore embraced the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations (SDGs) to further embed sustainability in our company policies. 

This manifests itself in lots of attention for:

  • Well-being 
  • Usage of circular material where possible
  • A structured approach
  • Active collaboration with our industry partners
  • The way we fundamentally coordinate sustainability
Measurable, sustainable and objective

Investing in our sustainable impact

Sustainability is a dynamic theme and every day more is learned about the causes and effects of our work here on earth. It is not a quick sprint from A to B. It is a marathon, where you continuously have to improve your approach to increase your positive impact.

This is why at Gielissen we continue to invest in expanding our knowledge. We improve our processes and are committed to realizing the absolute maximum for our clients.

Many of our clients and other business relations are searching for opportunities to improve sustainability in their projects. Which is why we deploy our position as market leader to boost innovation across the industry through sharing our knowledge with yours and our networks.

In-house experts in sustainability

Having sustainability experts within your own organization has simplified getting sustainability topics on agendas throughout the company. Our accomplishments are proudly shared within the organization.

But, of course, it doesn’t stop there. The members of our sustainability team provide you with the optimum advice at project and/or process level, based on your level of ambition and available budget. Sustainable Certificates are an integral part of our approach where necessary.

In-house experts in sustainability

Sustainability in Exhibitions and Events

In the world of Exhibitions and Events, projects have a limited lifetime.

Here are a number of things we focus on:

  • Limitating new material
  • Reuse of components in the next project
  • We push for the maximum use of rental products. At Gielissen, we developed our very own 'Gridwall'. A new, proprietary, modular wall system

It is our long term aim to exclude all non-sustainable or ‘unhealthy’ materials and to systematically reduce waste.

An anecdotal comment from one of our professional craftspeople: “We are out of material!”

Sustainability in Exhibitions and Events

Sustainability in Interiors

In our Interior business multiple initiatives are taken to work with the latest sustainable and circular materials and extensively test new ways of manufacturing and assembly.

As icing on the cake we have our very own 'Harvesting Hall". Here we analyze, disassemble, enrich and reuse the existing materials that originate from your building.

This allows us to limit the volume of new materials for your new interior and we also minimize the volume of waste from the entire project (demolition vervangen door disassembly).

Sustainability in Interiors

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