A real (copy 1) freshwater pearl

The MarinHome 84 Prestige is a real freshwater pearl. This is an excellent example of the magic that happens when you combine Gielissen Shipyard’s craftsmanship with Jan des Bouvrie’s design talent. This houseboat looks fantastic in any marina and offers everything required for relaxation on the water.

Luxury throughout

This MarinHome 84 Prestige does not only offers two spacious bedrooms, each bedroom also has a private bathroom with a shower and toilet. The extensive use of white surfaces makes this houseboat’s interior light and airy. Furthermore, a panoramic roof that slides open for extra fresh air is offered as an option. This houseboat is extremely well-equipped.


Luxury throughout

Extremely spacious

This houseboat is Gielissen Shipyard’s flagship design. Gielissen’s craftsmanship is visible in every detail. This is a second house where you want to be seen. Because of its spacious and unique design, this houseboat is also very easy to rent out. Even in the colder winter months, because each MarinHome is equipped with a high-quality heating system as standard.


Extremely spacious

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