Roof top barLuminAir

Just imagine, your head in the clouds! But then literally. In the new roof top bar LuminAir at DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station, this is a reality. Gielissen took care of the entire turnkey completion of the project with a unique design that constantly changes in appearance!


The challenge

How can you design a roof top bar with a constantly changing appearance? The Design agency King Kongs came up with an innovative concept for the former Skylounge at DoubleTree by Hilton in Amsterdam. The roof top bar ceiling reflects the sky above the city. Every experience is different, depending on the weather, the light and the clouds. The design makes great demands of the materials, lighting and finish. And another challenge… six months from awarding the contract, the grand opening was already planned!


The concept

As the main contractor, Gielissen took care of the entire coordination and realization of the new roof top bar. After compilation of the construction team – next to Gielissen consisting of King Kongs and Turner & Townsend (on behalf of the client) – a smooth construction process quickly took shape. This facilitated the deployment of knowledge of the suppliers and subcontractors from the very get-go. Detailing, material usage and supply times were clear, allowing us to move flexibly in the event of changes and challenges. This facilitated an open dialogue between the interior designer, the client and Gielissen.


As the main contractor, Gielissen was responsible for all the technical systems from sprinklers to fire alarms and from lighting to wall coverings.

The result

A unique sky bar where you literally sit with your head in the clouds and absorb ‘the mood from the sky above’. The ceiling is decorated with cloud-shaped systems. This was preceded by an extensive test process, with various mock-ups. The ‘clouds’ change constantly in color and intensity, depending on the light and the clouds outside. More than 800 meters of pixeled lines that can change color every 10 centimeters, support the various moments of the day with their varied incidental light. The tiles on the bar ensure additional reflection of the light from outside the space. Transforming LuminAir into a living part of the city of Amsterdam.

LuminAir was an instant hit on Tripadvisor, where it managed to reach the #1-spot for Amsterdam bars within just 5 weeks of opening! And the refitting process, too, met with approval. Following the rebuild of the roof top bar, Gielissen refitted 54 of the hotel rooms. 


  • Gielissen
  • Turner & Townsend
  • King Kongs

Facts & Figures

In the clouds

In the clouds

The cloud structures mimic the colors of the exterior light and the tiles that cover the bar reflect the sky.


Roof top bar heart of Amsterdam

Roof top bar heart of Amsterdam

LuminAir, the roof top bar in the heart of Amsterdam where you can literally sit with your head in the clouds.

Time for a cocktail

Time for a cocktail

Especially for private events, a VIP bar was created on the southside of the property, with a neatly plastered bar element, a gold rear wall and luxurious seating for an intimate party. Spin yourself around at the bar for a breath-taking view of the heart of old Amsterdam.


‘It's incredible what we've accomplished together with the construction team in just six months!’

Ruud van Steen

Manager Turnkey at Gielissen

Manager Turnkey at Gielissen