Matthijs B.V.ISM 2024

Ready to dive into a super-sweet adventure? Together with Matthijs B.V. we built a mouth-watering stand that had the entire exhibition floor craving for candy at the ISM in Cologne.

The challenge

Matthijs, famous for their legendary Mannekes licorice, wine gums and gum drops, was ready to sparkle at the ISM 2024 in Cologne. Our challenge? How do you present the centuries of Matthijs tradition and their cool Mannekes product line together in one amazing stand, spilling over with sweetness? It is a good thing that we enjoy a bit of a challenge at Gielissen!

The concept

To create a truly eye-catching stand, we combined the familiar Matthijs orange with the funky vibe borrowed from the ‘Echte Mannekes’. Which are now available in other colors and flavors as well as licorice. This resulted in a colorful, energizing stand that reflected the essence of Matthijs. A meters-high candy wall with ‘Matthijs’ candies and playful displays for the Mannekes. With an awesome LED wall of more than 10m2, the spectacular Mannekes experience really came to life, creating an extra dynamic layer.

The two styles combined in a familiar super-sweet stand for Matthijs.


The result

We dare to claim that the concept was a winner with this eye-catching orange-black stand. Visitors explored Matthijs’ candy world and were enraptured by the lively colors and flavors of the Mannekes. It was a finger licking good party, and we were bowled over by the result.

Facts & Figures

192 Candy bins
> 1.000.000 Candies
10,5 M2 LED-wall


The orange-black banner boosted the recognizability.




The familiar Matthijs orange combined with the Mannekes funky vibe in assorted colors and flavors!

Candy wall

Candy wall

The candies from the Matthijs range created a colorful and delicious display.

A huge compliment: after the presentation of our concept we were asked to create a design for the new candy store, with elements from the stand design.

Meyrem Altuntepe

Experience designer Gielissen

Experience designer Gielissen