Houseboat rentals

Houseboat rentals

Rent your dreamboat on the water

Are you looking for a unique recreational home on the water? And are you open to something new? We have something special for you. Our houseboats are also available to rent. You float gently as the birds sing and the waves lap against the boat: that is what you want.


How do you rent a houseboat?

You need not compromise on luxury. Anything but. Our houseboats bathe you in opulence. You have all your home comforts, and you want for nothing. Luxury bathrooms. Nice galley kitchen. Relaxing bed – you float away into dreamland with the undulations of the water; you will never have slept so soundly. Ready for a new experience? These are examples of locations where you can rent a houseboat:

  • Houseboat Well in Bergen (The Netherlands) through
  • Houseboat in Maasbommel (The Netherlands) through
  • Houseboat 'Iere Fügel' with garden in Offingawier (The Netherlands) through
  • Marina am See Bad Bederska (Germany) through





Houseboat rental: invest in other people’s dreams

Do you own a houseboat and you would like to rent it out? That too is possible! You can give others a dream vacation with your houseboat. And it is a value-proof investment too.


This is why you want to rent a houseboat

At Gielissen, houseboats are no longer ordinary boats, they are dream boats. Luxury vacation homes, your own island – you can enjoy life on the water. That is not just a unique experience, but also an ideal way to discover if a houseboat is something for you. Warning: once you have tried it, you will never settle for anything less.