At Gielissen Shipyard we make your dreams come true

Day after day, we build dreams. Because just like you, many people dream of life on the water. Do you enjoy the bustle of a marina full of water sports, or is it the tranquility in nature that you find intoxicating? Whatever it is that you enjoy when you have water around you. We are here for you. In our shipyard we build houseboats for real water lovers.

What is a houseboat?

MarinHome houseboats are different from motor yachts, regular houseboats, water villas or holiday homes. In our houseboat you take the luxury and comfort of your home with you on holiday. Our house boats sit comfortably on the water. Giving you all the freedom and every opportunity to go and stay where you please.

Even though, it feels like a warm house. A place you can decorate and furnish to suit your taste and where you can go to bed at night with a safe and secure feeling. With a luxury bathroom and fine kitchen. In brief: the best of both worlds.

Why a houseboat is the best investment of your life

Let’s be honest: you want to be on the water, enjoy comfort and you want to feel at home. Then the houseboat is perfect for you. A safe, luxury place on the water. With all the convenience of a boat and all the facilities of a holiday home.

Investing in houseboats is investing in dreams. As an investor you can profit from attractive rental proceeds. A combination of use and rental is possible too.

We can show you what the yield calculations look like when you visit our shipyard. And what the options are for your situation.

Set sail for your vacation.

What makes a houseboat so unique is that you have the freedom to go and stay where you please. Where do you want to go this season, in your own country or across the border? It’s up to you.

Your own spot on the water

I am curious about your wishes and ideas. Enter your details and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Carla Stukstette