Taste the future at the Solution Bar

Raoul Mesu
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Coffee dreams

Powerplant experiments with blueprints for the future. In October of 2023, we presented our jointly developed Solution Bar at the Workspace Design Show in the RAI. Powerplant wants to challenge the status quo of coffee at work with their Solution Bar.

Creative director at Powerplant David Kulen explains: ‘The Solution Bar is a perfect test for our support of employee vitality and hospitality throughout the workday. It is our intention to expand the Solution Bar concept to cover the entire workspace.’

Focus on improving workspace health

Gielissen account manager Raoul Mesu was already enthusiastic about the creativity of Powerplant from previous projects for PwC and Nationale-Nederlanden. ‘The fresh approach that Powerplant has to vitality dovetails perfectly with our own vision. Within Gielissen, we are committed to improving the sustainability of our projects’, Raoul relates. Just like with Powerplant, our focus is on the creation of a healthy workspace.’ 

The Solution Bar

The Solution Bar is constructed from remarkable materials left over from other sustainable projects: sheet material made from jeans fabric, mussel shells and even flower petals were employed. ‘Thanks to smart software, we are happy to be able to say that we have less and less waste material’, says Raoul. ‘But in our business, in which every project is unique with often challenging shapes, waste material is unavoidable. So we are really thrilled when we can put this material to active use. Certainly for such an awesome initiative as the Solution Bar.’

There’s no accounting for taste

With the coffee break as an everyday ritual on most work floors, the Solution Bar offers innovative alternatives, fine-tuned to individual taste experiences to ensure that employees can start the day energized. Powerplant invited its visitors to consider a radical menu during the Workspace Design Show and think about tomorrow’s workspace and, in doing so, broke open a dialogue about hospitality needs in the workplace today and in the future.

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