Sustainability Library: a place to discover new sustainable materials

Anouk Arts
Sustainability Officer
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At Gielissen, we pioneer every day to make our interior design and booth construction projects more sustainable. Often the solution starts with simply knowing what exists. To that end, we have developed this Sustainability Library. A lot of good things are already happening in the field of sustainability, so one of the tasks of our susteainability team is to be like trend watchers to know all the frontrunners and startups and bring all these initiatives together.


Invitation to experimentation

The next challenge then is: how do you get all that information to your colleagues so that these innovations can actually find their way into the projects? That's where this sustainability library comes in. A library where anyone can come to be inspired and discover new sustainable materials. The cabinet is an invitation to our colleagues to experiment. So not only to touch or smell, but also to put a drill in it or saw a piece off. We have even had colleagues grow fungi on it to create a natural form of signing.


Improved proposals

We learned that if you start experimenting early, you can arrive at a better proposal. Because ultimately we only want to propose something that is also feasible and affordable. So you really have to see this cabinet as the starting point for many wonderful experiments, innovations and engineering. We encourage that.


Tribute to partnerships

And of course it's also an ode to the partnerships with the various material suppliers we have. Because something like the sustainability issue, you don't tackle that on your own. Would you like to spar about your sustainability question or do you have material that definitely deserves a place here? Then we cordially invite you to talk to us.


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