Gielissen celebrates opening of production facility in Langenhagen

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From the decision to the opening

The decision to convert the large building opposite the Gielissen GmbH headquarters into a state-of-the-art joinery was made back in October 2022. After 12 months of construction and an investment of around 1.5 million euros, operations will officially begin at the end of January. "The location of the property is a real gift, as it is directly opposite the Gielissen GmbH headquarters, which ensures short communication channels and strengthens the sense of togetherness within the company," says Managing Director Ralf Banse. The joinery of Gielissen Innenausbau GmbH previously operated in Mellendorf (Wedemark) will be closed. All employees will continue to work in the new joinery. Gielissen employs a total of 33 people in the new joinery.


Cooperation with production locations in the Netherlands

A special feature of the new joinery is its integration into the network of existing Gielissen joineries in Eindhoven and Helmond. Orders can be processed by all three joineries together, as the machines are compatible and the work files used are identical. This gives us particular flexibility and allows us to respond flexibly to order peaks.

Sustainable and innovative into the future

The new production site is equipped with solar panels to generate electricity and uses wood waste to heat the building.

The machinery is also special: the material supply to the panel saw, the nesting CNC router and the 5-axis CNC router is completely CAD-controlled and fully automated. After prior work preparation, the machine decides independently which material is required for cutting. This material is then retrieved fully automatically from the panel store using suction devices and fed to the appropriate machine. Working with this innovative technology is virtually unique in the Hanover area.

Opening ceremony: panel discussion with industry experts

During the opening party, a panel discussion on current developments in the retail industry will be held. Participants include Martin Kind (owner and Managing Director of the Kind Group), Arne Schultchen (founder and creative lead of design for human nature), Ralf Banse (Managing Director of Gielissen Innenausbau GmbH) and Katja Kottmann (Business Development Manager of Gielissen GmbH).

Also discussed will be the digital mini-supermarket 'teo' developed by Gielissen, the interior of which will be produced in the new workshop. A further 12 teos are planned by the end of 2024.

There will also be guided tours of the workshop, where guests can learn about the facilities and associated office and storage areas. "The height of the hall is impressive, as the building was originally intended as a logistics hall. So we have plenty of storage space and enough room for creativity," says Ralf Banse.

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