Gielissen takes over Groeneveld & Poirot

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Herbert Groeneveld: (Groeneveld & Poirot): "I’m delighted that Gielissen will continue our wonderful company. This guarantees the continuity of the existing organization".

André Poirot (Groeneveld & Poirot): “Our experience in high-quality interiors makes us the perfect addition to Gielissen for high-end yacht interiors and interiors for consumers through our existing commercial partners”

Andre Hoeben (CEO from Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | Events): “Herbert, André and their team dovetail perfectly with the Gielissen culture. Above all, this fulfils a dream we have held in esteem for a long time, a wish to expand our activities for Zeelander Yachts closer to Groot-Ammers. This is also the ideal base camp for projects in the Randstad urban conglomeration and presents us with the opportunity to secure top talents from the greater Rotterdam region”.

In addition, both Herbert and André will remain closely involved with the company. The production, expertise, and motivated team of professionals at Groeneveld & Poirot are valued very highly by clients. Existing clients can rest assured that there will be no interruption to the continuity of the services that they are happy with.

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