Gielissen Interiors

A solution for every interior

Interiors of all shapes and sizes

Interior designs for shops, offices, restaurants, cafés and villas. Gielissen is experienced in all these areas. We can rightly say that we offer a solution for every interior. We distinguish between complete and exclusive interiors.

Complete interiors

The interior design of a shop or office has a crucial effect on your business. Do visitors feel welcome, do your employees feel at home and does the interior represent your company well. Gielissen creates a wide range of custom-made interiors.

Exclusive interiors

Gielissen Botim, part of the Gielissen group since 1998, specializes in building interiors for highly exclusive buildings, listed residential properties, villas, theatre entrances and theatre auditoriums, historic churches, characteristic office buildings and other special projects.

From concept to execution

the realization of complete interiors and establishments

From A to Z

Gielissen interiors designs and produces complete interiors and fittings. You may already have an idea, or you may be looking for inspiration. Whatever the case, arranging a meeting with us is the first step. Input from both sides ensures that we arrive at a unique idea in a phased process. If you already have a detailed idea in your head, you can obviously sit down with our designers straight away.

Getting started with our interior designers

Gielissen is your point of contact for the next step. Not only do you want your interior to look great, it also needs to be distinctive, impressive and communicative. At Gielissen, we are acknowledged experts in this area. We look at all aspects of the design together with architects and then get to work. In addition to working with architects, Gielissen also works with other (external) experts, building management firms and contractors.

Striking, functional and communicative

Gielissen interior projects are striking, functional, communicative and always based on the principle that your investment should give you the greatest possible return.

Collaboration with multiple architects

Gielissen has been working with architects for many years. In our experience, this partnership provides the connecting force between creativity and expertise, the knowledge to realize the most diverse interior projects.

In-house expertise

Gielissen is your contact at the next step. In addition to working with architects, Gielissen also collaborates with other (external) experts, building management agencies and contractors.

Exclusive interiors

Gielissen Botim, since 1998 part of the Gielissen family, specializes in building exclusive interiors or parts thereof for equally exclusive buildings and buildings: monumental houses and villas, theater entrances and halls, historic churches, but also for example office buildings and other special utility projects.

Theme parcs

Through the years, Gielissen has already realized many attractions. And then we do not only aim at roller coasters, but also attractions outside of the box.

The realization of a museum or an exhibition is different every time. So how can you convince us? How about some examples!

Corian® Dealer

Since 2013, Gielissen has been part of the Corian® Quality Network as an industrial partner and specialist in Corian applications for every interior.