Exhibitions Service

Exhibitions Service from Gielissen covers every detail of organizing a trade show exhibit or congress. We act as the essential link between venue, organizer, exhibitors and suppliers.

New Services
We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable of all the latest innovations in the trade show and exhibition industry, and that means that our service portfolio is constantly updated to reflect the latest industry advancements.

Our service cantered approach

At Gielissen we practice a customer and event-cantered approach to our service delivery. We understand that as an event general contractor, we act as an extension of the event itself. That’s why we take our commitment to service seriously, both for you as well as for your exhibitors.

Exhibitor service

Your customers wish to exhibit at your successful event, develop leads, and do business –all at a minimum investment of time and money. You seek to ensure that they have all the tools they need to achieve a return on their investment and keep them coming back. Gielissen can play a central role in this success by providing timely, proactive service with the fastest possible turn-around. This means going beyond responding to calls and emails. It means sending out reminder emails as deadlines approach and placing calls if we have not received orders or VAT numbers.

Multilingual staff and project team

In the event that a customer requires multilingual service, they will be quickly directed to one of our various multilingual staff members who all share our common focus of high-level customer service. The Gielissen team includes speakers of Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.

Project team

When you partner with Gielissen, a core project team will be formed that is dedicated to the realization of your goals. All team members have experience in large international shows and are trained in exhibitions, events and customer service. Pending the final scope of your project, the team is composed of: primary account manager, lead project manager, exhibitor service coordinators, CAD designer, floor manager, signage coordinator, and AV coordinator.