The entire stand construction process under one roof

Gielissen: the partner of choice for exhibition concepts, stand construction and exhibitions

An exhibition is a meeting place. Protected from the elements, full of facilities and packed with impressive stands. You meet potential customers at exhibitions, see what your competitors are doing and the whole industry literally comes to life. When building exhibition stands, Gielissen provides support for the entire exhibition process and mobile presentations, and produces ROI estimates.

We know exactly how exhibition communication works, which instruments are the most effective, how to create a stand with real stopping power and ensure that your company gets optimal exposure during the exhibition. We know exactly how to maximize opportunities and mitigate threats in our stand construction activities. We develop specific before and after procedures for this during your exhibition campaign.

Exhibition presentations

today’s business card

Every participant at an exhibition is aware of the importance of face-to-face communication. We have summarized the advantages below.

Effective instrument

An exhibition is an extremely effective instrument within your complete marketing and communication strategy. You find out what the market is doing, talk to your target group directly and see all the latest trends and developments in your industry.

Looking for a partner...?

If you are looking for a partner in any of these areas, we can help you develop an efficient strategy for your exhibition activities. Our reputation in the market is that of a proficient strategist and expert, hands-on troubleshooter.


Unique productions for unique customers

An exhibition stand is never the same. At Gielissen we make unique stand productions.

From A to Z

You probably already knew that Gielissen realized exhibition stands. We also do the process for that. But how does that work? We are happy to explain it to you.

First step: conversation

Whether you have an idea or not , the first step is a conversation. Step by step we come together to a plan, an unique idea. If you already have a completely finished idea in your head, you can - of course - immediately join our designers.

Two design studios

If you take part in a trade show then that stand should look great, distinctive, impressive and communicative. 15 designers, visualisers and multimedia designers work at our two studios. They translate complex briefings into catchy concepts on a daily basis. The most up-to-date design software is used. Result: a photorealistic image of your final trade show presentation. If desired, they also make an animated film of the design, so that you can virtually walk through your stand.