mobile presentations

Smart business sometimes means calling on your target group. Literally.

With a new product, an innovative service or a brand launch, you want to meet the customer where they are - and that's possible. One-to-one communication offers the best chance of success. No competition, no distracting factors, but maximum exposure. A mobile presentation is a clever marketing instrument that can be deployed at the right moment, at the right location. It puts you literally far ahead of your competition.

Gielissen: the path to your success

Gielissen has the necessary skills, experience and partners to gear every mobile exhibition towards specific goals and target groups. We are also the right place to come for content development for your mobile show. In addition to design and content, we take care of planning, permit applications, sending announcements, developing flyers and more.

Not always on the road

A mobile exhibition is not necessarily only a showroom on wheels. We also have experience with presentations on trains and on ships, on inflatable marquees and as a series of shows in hotels.  Our work can be found in the Netherlands, Europe and abroad.
A mobile presentation is a means of sparking conversation and inciting curiosity. The outcome might be even better than you expect . Care to give your company the maximum exposure it deserves?