A rich history to be proud of

Growing Together

Gielissen | Interiors | Exhibitions | Events has been in the trade show, interiors and exposition business since 1937. Our rich history is one we are proud of. Of course, the facts alone don't tell Gielissen's whole story. So what can you expect from us?

Our field of work is very diverse: retail solutions, trade show exhibits, expos, convention management, grand or small scale events - the list is long. We work for you, our customer, therefore a high return on investment for you is our ultimate goal.


To create unique and inspiring environments


In today’s world where digital communication seems to prevail, environments for live social interaction are increasingly important. Those environments must inspire to support effective communication and enable people to reach their objectives

Top Five player on the European market

Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | Events has grown over the past 80 years to become market leader in the Netherlands and one of the Top Five players on the European market. We develop and realize effective solutions for national and international clients.

Diverse field of work
Our field of work is really diverse: We realize interior projects, spatial presentations and events and congresses, whereby our top priority is achieving a high return on investment for our clients.

300 professionals
Our approx. 300 professionals design and realize three-dimensional projects in any form and size. Professional project management guarantees cost-effective price tickets and flexible solutions. Consultation and cooperation are central to all activities. Your success is our success.

The right partner
With annual revenues of approx. € 70 million and about 1500 projects a year, you can rest assured that Gielissen Interior|Exhibitions|Events is the right partner for you.

Operations and partnerships
Gielissen has eight operations: Four in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and two in Helmond), two in Germany (Hanover and Stuttgart), one in the United States (Atlanta) and one in the UAE (Dubai), and thanks to our worldwide presence we have a global network of local partners and suppliers.


"I proudly lead a healthy company that is future-proof."
With strategy, vision, acquisitions and an eye for the market and people, Gielissen has grown under Bart Wigman as the market leader in the field of interiors, exhibitions, stands and events. A world full of possibilities. Bart is an entrepreneur who always sees a chance to grow together.

Bart Wigman, CEO at Gielissen
Bart Wigman CEO at Gielissen