Our history


Building of the company Gielissen's Bedrijven BV which was founded in Eindhoven by Toon Gielissen.

Gielissen 1937, Toon Gielissen
Gielissen 1937
Gielissen 1937


Gielissen enters the market for trade fairs and exhibitions with customers like the Ministry of Agriculture, Philips and the NCH, the Netherlands Center for Promotion of Trade. Bert, Toon Gielissen's son, had also joined the business the year before.

Gielissen 1945


Expansion into international exhibition stand-building.

Gielissen 1948
Gielissen 1948
Gielissen 1948


Expansion of the company's building on the Zoutstraat in Eindhoven.

Gielissen 1964, Zoutstraat Eindhoven (map)
Gielissen 1964, Zoutstraat Eindhoven


Gielissen moves from the Zoutstraat to the Hurksestraat, both located in Eindhoven. 
Gielissen also receives their first intercontinental assignments.

Gielissen 1971, Hurkestraat Gielissen 1971, logo
Bezorgd uw stand u nogal wat hooftbrekens... Praat dan 'ns met de juiste vakmensen! Bielissen B.V.


Gielissen Neos Interieurprojecten was founded in Helmond 
to handle the many interior projects.

Gielissen 1990, Gielissen Helmond


Director Bart Wigman acquires the majority of the shares held by the British parent company, The Melville Group, to become owner and making Gielissen an independent Dutch Company.

Gielissen 1994, Bart Wigman


Gielissen Neos grows and moves to a new building on the “Zuidoost-Brabant” business park in Helmond. It is still based there today.

Gielissen 1995, Zuidoost-Brabant Business Park Helmond


With the acquisition of the Maci Group in Amsterdan, Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions now has an operation in Amsterdam.

The Botim timmerfabriek in Deurne is acquired and from now on is called: Gielissen Botim Exclusieve Interieurs.

Gielissen opens an operation in Düsseldorf, Germany, the first one outside of the Netherlands!

Gielissen 1998


Meyson Tentoonstellingsbouw in Nieuw-Vennep is acquired and continues operations under the name of Gielissen Meyson Interiors & Exhibitions.

Gielissen 2000
Gielissen 2000


Gielissen in Amsterdam and Gielissen Meyson join forces in a new building in Amsterdam under the name of Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions.

In January, Gielissen takes over all operations, assets and inventories of Exhibit Factory in Helmond (previously Van Schijndels Bedrijven Internationale Tentoonstellingsbouw).

Gielissen Amsterdam 2003


The second German operation opens, now in Hanover.

Gielissen Botim moves home from Deurne to the location in Helmond, next door to Gielissen Neos.

Gielissen Helmond 2006


Another move of the German operation from Stuttgart to Göppingen.

Also: The new opening of our new operation in the Emirates (Gielissen UAE), Abu Dhabi

Gielissen Germany 2007


Gielissen 2009


The start of Gielissen Shipyard


Gielissen USA Flowery Branch, 2015


Gielissen Shipyard in Helmond gets a new look. Also in Helmond, we celebrate the 25 years of interior activitiet with a brand new ISO14001 certification.

Gielissen Shipyard Helmond, 2015


Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions is renamed in Gielissen | Interiors | Exhibitions |Events with an updated corporate image & logo.

Gielissen: Interiors | Exhibitions | Events


Gielissen proudly celebrates its '80th anniversary and adds a new minority shareholder with investment company Karmijn Kapitaal. The motto 'growing together', which is a clear reference to the fact that it can only grow through ensuring its customers' growth.

Gielissen 2017


Gielissen UAE moves from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Gielissen 2017 Dubai