Stunning dimensions

A beautiful and unique result!

For Alliander, an energy network company, Gielissen was involved in a very special project. When Alliander relocated to a new building, the company was focused on four themes: the new way of working, circularity, energy positivity, and the relationship with the environment.

In collaboration with the contractor and architects, Gielissen achieved a unique and sustainable result. The existing buildings were covered with a large roof, creating a sizable atrium which acts as a climate buffer. Employees use walkways to travel easily from one building to another. And the living green walls and plantings help strengthen the relationship with the environment.

An impressive 80 percent of the building's materials are reused or recyclable. When it came to new furniture, Gielissen was able to repurpose many of the plywood doors from the demolition of the old buildings. In addition, stones from the demolition were recycled on site and used as a foundation for parking spaces. The façades are comprised of recycled pallets that are insulated with old overalls from employees. All materials were carefully chosen, creating a unique and pleasant atmosphere.

When you wander into Aliander’s new building, you’re overwhelmed by the dimensionality. Extremely special! A beautiful and unique result!

Marketing Manager Alliander