BenQ - Because it matters

Three areas directed at each of BenQ’s user groups

BenQ, the leading provider of technology and solutions, exhibited again this year at the ISE in Amsterdam. Gielissen was responsible for the design and realization of the booth for the third time in a row.

The design of the booth came about through co-creation with the customer. The booth was modern and striking, made up of three areas that were each directed at one of BenQ’s user groups. Products were exhibited using live demos and product presentations, allowing visitors to fully experience the products.

Nominated for the ISE Stand Design Awards

Everything made sense: the streamlined architectural outline was a perfect way to present the different products, the right content was matched with the right styling, and materials and lighting ensured the booth formed a cohesive whole, where the products could really shine.

Gielissen's years of experience, plus market knowledge coupled with customer expertise, led to a beautiful booth, one that was even nominated for the ISE Stand Design Awards.

Thanks for the excellent co-operation, high quality of work finishing including last-minute solutions.

BenQ, Marketing Manager
BenQ Marketing Manager