A fantastic live marketing tool

For every sector a unique event

An event is a great live marketing tool. A well-executed event is live communication in optima forma. You put your organization or product clearly in the spotlight and your guests or visitors gain an important experience. From the look, experience, enthusiasm and image building to relationship building.

At an event you have maximum exposure, no competition, no distracting factors. For example, dealer days, company openings, open days and sporting events.
Gielissen offers full service support to event organizers. We have the know-how, experience and partners to 100% target each event to target and target group, so that it is a success.

Event sectors

Appearance, enthusiasm, image building, relationship building... words to describe an event as an amazing live marketing tool. But most important to the success of your event is leaving nothing to chance.

Live communication at its best

Properly executed, any event is an optimal form of live communication. Your company takes center stage and your clients can experience your product in a tactile, real way.  Executing a successful event can have a hugely positive impact on brand awareness, customer relationships, client satisfaction, and on the growth of your business. 


  • Dealer days
  • Company openings
  • Product launches
  • Open days
  • Sport events as a CRM instrument
Milner Beach volleyball tournaments

Gielissen has realized a number of unique summer events in close collaboration with their customers.

Milner Beach volleyball tournaments - Cheese brand Milner produces 30+ cheeses, so less fat, so healthier and also very tasty. In order to appeal to a young target group, they sponsor beach volleyball tournaments. That is why Sponsorship Consultancy Bureau Trefpunt designed an inflatable cheese bar with accompanying elements (e.g. cheese hockers), all produced by Gielissen.

DE coffee shop at Lowlands and Pinkpop

Gielissen has realized a number of unique summer events in close collaboration with their customers.

DE coffee shop at Lowlands and Pinkpop

Lowlands and Pinkpop annually attract thousands of pop lovers. Sometimes it is brilliant weather, sometimes it falls out of the air with baking. That's just our summers. A good, fresh cup of coffee is appreciated in all weather types. That is why Gielissen has been building and installing the DE-Coffee Chill for years at these pop events for Douwe Egbers. Top coffee in a top tent at top pop festivals.

Soldier of Orange: A special job for a special musical

Of course, the Theater Hangar, as the theater complex is called, equipped with all kinds of hospitality facilities and other public spaces, such as an entrance and a cloakroom, a foyer, a restaurant (Restaurant Noordeinde overlooking the runway), even an exhibition space with an exhibition about the WWII.

All these facilities are housed in a separate building in front of the actual theater (interior design by design studio SEVV). And with that, the line was immediately taken to Gielissen. Because on behalf of the TheaterHangaar B.V. we have completely furnished this building, from curtains to furniture and from wardrobe to lighting. A special job for a special musical.