'Creative chaos'

Designed to mimic a city

For CentraleSupélec, Gielissen, in collaboration with OMA, completed the interior space for the Lab City project in Paris (Paris-Saclay). Designed to mimic a city, the building is made up of squares at various heights and contains classrooms and laboratories, as well as a university.

Connecting, meeting and exchanging

With an amphitheater and a mini-forum, the building is chock-full of special interior design features. Gielissen was responsible for the translation of OMA's design into constructible elements that correspond to specific requirements. From unique, specially designed bar and reading tables to round locker cabinets, all furniture fit perfectly into the “creative chaos,” as OMA calls it, where the focus is all about connecting, meeting and exchanging.


The interior had to be vandal-proof and comply with the exceptionally strict French fire safety requirements. In addition to these requirements, the French way of working differs greatly from the Dutch, which means flexibility and adaptability were required.


Due to the size and location of the project, the Just in Time principle was key. Excellent planning, clear logistics coordination, and strong cooperation between the client, the architect and Gielissen resulted in an impressive outcome in a relatively short time.